From 8 April 2012 to 8 April 2012


Come celebrate Easter with us at the Restaurant La Cupola! We offer a special menu for both lunch and dinner

Sunday April 8th, 2012


Welcome Cocktail and canapés
Prawns toast with light Wasabi sauce, unripe apple and celeriac
Homemade “Raviolo” filled with fresh egg and white and green asparagus, seasoned with brown butter and black truffle
Ginger sorbet with Kumquat in bourbon vanilla sauce
Roasted Rack of Lamb in pear sauce, served with aubergines pie and “Fossa” cheese in fondue
Millefeuille with fresh wild strawberries
Traditional homemade cake “Colomba” served with zabaione egg flip sauce

Euro 50,00 per person, drinks not included